Roof Life Extension

What Is A Roof Life Extension Package?

Roofs age and deteriorate over time. While shingles may have the ability to last decades many other parts of your roof do not. Whether it is do to storm damage, poor ventilation, sun damage, or plain old time parts or your roof will not last as long as the shingles most of the time. Boots, flashing, and sometimes even the decking of a roof will at some point need repair. Rather than replacing the whole roof we offer a roof life extension plan.

For penny's on the dollar compared to the cost of a new roof we can fix flashing, boots, nail pops, and decking giving your roof more life. Many times after 10 -15 years a roof needs a little tender loving care. At Art's Roofing we will inspect your roof and give you an estimate to extend the life of your roof by repairing damaged areas. We know that your roof may have more life to it and we want you to enjoy the savings versus a total roof replacement.

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