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Roof Inspections

Art's Roofing performs roof inspections in Brazoria, Galveston, and Harris Counties.

Roof Inspections        Roof Inspections can detect hail damage as is seen in this photo

The most expensive element of your home is your roof.  Periodic roof inspections can help to ensure that your home is prepared to weather a hurricane.  Roofs can deteriorate from normal wear, extreme weather conditions, building movement, material expansion & contraction and improper design.  A roofing inspection can detect early signs of roof problem and if a problem is found then it can be corrected before a more costly repair is needed.


Roof Inspections Include

Exterior Inspection for: Interior Inspection for:
deterioration signs of water staining
debris water leaks
physical damage cracks
water accumulation structural damage
structural deformation  
granular loss  
missing shingles  

Art’s Roofing Can Inspect All Types of Roofing Including

Metal Roofs, Flat Roofs, Shingled Roofs in both commercial and residential settings. 


Roof Repairs

Should it be determined that a roof repair is needed our inspector can provide you with a written estimate to restore your roof.  All roofing repair is guaranteed to meet or exceed windstorm requirements.


Roofing Inspection Costs

The cost of a roof inspection is negligible compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a roof.   Roofing inspections typically start at $200 depending upon the type of roof.  Regular roof inspections can be a wise investment.  Wouldn't you rather find potential leaks and related damage before they become real problems?


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